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26 June 2011

Canada Day

Esthero will be appearing in Toronto this Friday at the Harbourfront Centre WestJet Stage to celebrate Canada Day! This is a free event, starting at 9:30 pm.

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5 Responses to “Canada Day”

  1. Want a photo here?  Visit len

    thank you so much for the concert tonight! as a bit of a re-born fan (lost you somewhere in the years), it’s safe to say that you’ve also made a quite a few new followers tonight. happy canada day to you! (and your band/brother/backup singers did a wonderful job as well!)

  2. Want a photo here?  Visit Shane

    Esthero – you kicked ass tonight! What a poetic scene – the city skyline, the lake, fireworks and your lovely ass self kicking it! Happy Canada Day, girl!

  3. Want a photo here?  Visit Paul

    As others have mentioned, many thanks for the amazing show last night – shame that the fireworks kind of interrupted the flow of things.

    Your coperformers were also spot on, and were jamming the night away with you, though I am amused by the juxtaposition of seriousness that your sax player exhibited. :)

    At any rate, I look forward to your next performance/release!

    p.s. Your new drummer boy there is talented – hire him!

  4. Want a photo here?  Visit Miriam

    I really enjoyed last night’s concert, it was amazing. I have just become a new fan! I loved your voice and the band’s cool sound. Your brother is very talented too…

    I will look forward to hearing more from you!

  5. Want a photo here?  Visit Brian

    Your show kicked ass!!! The fireworks did distract people (we in Toronto are easily distracted by loud bangs and flashes of light) but I think they provided a nice backdrop as you were playing “Country Livin’”. Also, great cover of Sade’s “Paradise”!!!

    Can’t wait to see you again! :)

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