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20 October 2009


Shock Value 2” drops November 23, 2009 through Blackground Records.

Esthero guests.

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20 Responses to “Esthero+Timba”

  1. Want a photo here?  Visit Gio

    “Can You Feel It” (featuring Esthero)Guesting on a timbo record. wtf! First Kanye and now super producer timerland! that is so hype! I’ll definatley buy a copy of that.

  2. Want a photo here?  Visit Robert

    Glad to hear that you are feeling it Gio, but I have to say I’m quite disappointed with the recent selection of music put out by Esthero and the artists she chooses to work with. Kind of boring in my opinion. But hey, I guess everyone has got to make some money. It’s just unfortunate that the sophistication of the music has hit a low and the quality of music is just sad. But that’s my opinion. I just miss the Esthero that was creating a vibe, not the Esthero that is joining in with the ranks of Timbaland and Kanye. We all know that she supersedes them all and there are way better artists to collaborate with. hint hint Yukimi Nagano. I guess it’s just the way of the music industry and the control of the green stuff. I still wish her good luck, but I think this is where I call it quits. Hopefully some new music will change my mind but from what I’ve heard so far, I’m just not that into it, especially the lyrics.

  3. Want a photo here?  Visit PRC.

    Timbaland and Kanye are no longer considered innovators once they’ve hit it big?

    I can appreciate your point of view that you’d like another Esthero album, Rob, but damn… find a better way to express that than trashing everyone and everything. Your comment was a fucking downer.

  4. Want a photo here?  Visit Robert

    Well i don’t think i said “once you hit it big you’re not an innovator.” But I can see how my words can be misconstrued. I’m just saying, Miss Englishman is better than who’s she’s working with and what she’s putting out. It just seems to me that making it big and mediocrity have become synonymous and no one likes to talk about it or hear it. And I’m always gonna support her music whether I like it or not. Money is the driver of the music industry, not substance, and no one likes to talk about it or hear it. I mean look at how you responded to some dumb fans opinon.

    And Kanye West is a joke. No if ands or butts there. There are way more talented artists to work with is all I’m saying. How is someone supposed to grow musically if they are working with people who are on different levels in regards to musicianship? Esthero has a fantastic ear for colors in music, and lately I’m not hearing it. My bad for calling it out. My apologies for harping on your website where a fans comments are not welcomed because they don’t share your beliefs. In my mind, Esthero represents the people who like to say what they feel regardless of how others are going to feel about it. But maybe you have more insight into Esthero as an artist than I do.

    Relax it’s just my opinion. Don’t get all butt hurt about it.

  5. Want a photo here?  Visit PRC.

    Just as a note Rob, comments have to be approved before they show up for the world to see. I may not agree with what you’re saying (I think you’re a little harsh on Kanye – he’s not my favourite artist, but I still feel he does things that others aren’t doing), but I’m not by any means censoring you.

  6. Want a photo here?  Visit Robert

    Great, I’m glad there is a place where discussion can take place. About Kanye though; I still don’t think a good argument is being made when you say that he does things that other artists aren’t doing because we can say that about almost anyone but it doesn’t validate their level of musicianship or their vocal skillz, they’re just doing something different. There are amazing artists from Sweden that are doing things that other artists aren’t doing but people don’t seem to be picking up on that. So does that make them inferior to Kanye’s music. HELL NO! People are simply exposed to one sound because of marketing money and celeb scandal BS which gets a ton of attention from news/media. Esthero has the ability to create a whole new vibe, a new sound and only a small group of people have caught on because she’s not on T.V. busting dumb crap nor does she have the money or the financial backing of a label to plaster her face all over T.V. and the Web. But again, just my two cents. Enough about KW, it sickens me to think that I am contributing to a future carpal tunnel problem over that joke. Let’s get some Esthero in the studio video clips mixing and doing her thing! GO PRC!

  7. Want a photo here?  Visit Gio

    It’s called the “music Bussiness” for a reason. I think it’s really great that Esthero is creating more opportunities for her “vibe” to reach a bigger audience. Every artist needs to change and grow to be successful. esthero going maintream could only lead to better music and more money.

  8. Want a photo here?  Visit Willi-Boo

    Esthero has always rep’d Timbo – watch this: think its awesome that they paired up for Shock Value II.

    Rob, I totally agree with you, but imagine “Street Lights” without Esthero? She spins shit ’till it shines.

    Also, never express any real opinion(s) about her work on this space. I was BASHED on swallowme after saying “Love for just One Night” was not a great song. You would think other E’fans would have your back, right? They don’t. Here, discourse is not possible unless it entirely positive. Just know that you’re not the only one with these thoughts.

    At least Esthero is active during these long breaks between albums. She could be in a hole with Osama and Sade. Thank god(dess) for the morsels! Whenever I’m disappointed (rarely) with Esthero collaborations, I listen to “Shine” with Boney James & reclaim a good perspective. Lol.

    Much love to ALL of you.

  9. Want a photo here?  Visit Robert

    Hmmm…i guess. I don’t necessarily think that is the case. But I’m glad you think so. I’m still waiting for that better music because it hasn’t reached these ears just yet.

  10. Want a photo here?  Visit Robert

    Willi, it’s good to know I’m not crazy. HAHA! I had the same problem with the swallowme group. That’s why I don’t follow it anymore. Too lame for my taste, and no one likes to hear constructive criticism. Everything has to be sugar coated and if not, people get their feelings hurt.

  11. Want a photo here?  Visit DadE

    Just read all the stuff about my youngest and can’t find the u tube item that you mentioned Willi-Boo. As for you Robert, your comments are constructive but do hint on a bit on the negative side. Glad to see two dudes fighting over my baby.

  12. Want a photo here?  Visit PRC.

    Correct link:

  13. Want a photo here?  Visit Stinka

    “Undertow” is the WORST SONG! It is about as far from Esthero as you can get. I’m so upset, I feel like she just doesn’t care about making real music. We’ve lost her. She is done.

    She better get paid from this — I don’t know how any artist could sink so low. This is bullshit.

    Really, am I the only one that feels this way? have we lost esthero forever? I will kill myself if her third album sounds like this garbage, AND I DON’T MEAN TO HATE ON HER, but the is some “FAKE ASS SHIT”

  14. Want a photo here?  Visit Jane

    HOw can someone get so worked up about not liking a song (IMO it’s pretty good. JUST HIT NEXT!!!

    OK it’s not really an “Esthero song” but it’s nice to hear her voice….and isn’t the point of doing guest spots to do something that doesn’t quite sound like your normal stuff?

  15. Want a photo here?  Visit Stinka

    I get worked up because I fucking LOVE Esthero, dammit.

  16. Want a photo here?  Visit Gio

    Fuckin eh! me too. I heard tegan and saras new shit and I jumped. jokes.

  17. Want a photo here?  Visit DAV

    these songs are decent but god i can’t wait for her new album with way more substance. more esthero PLEASE!

  18. Want a photo here?  Visit WellDamn24

    So, I’ve loved Esthero’s voice and style since Wicked Lil Girls, which from what I’ve been reading makes me positively new to the Esthero Stan Club.

    On the real, I understand why she’s down with these cliques, but Undertow did nothing for Esthero. I understand that she’s playing the game and making connects and hopefully it won’t take another 7 years to get an album out.

    But like Parker Posey said in her leading role in Party Girl, “You devalue me.” Hopefully she gets the power she needs to make the music SHE wants to make before she ends up being the go-to, glorified back-up singer. Her style and her talent are so much better than that!

    I know I’m completely wrong to say this but I just wish that if she was going to sell out just a lil that she’d go on and get a real contract with a Hidden Beach and at least put out some albums.

    Her talent is just too strong to be on “Undertow”.

  19. Want a photo here?  Visit Robert

    I’m so glad i’m not the only one who feels this way. PHEW! I thought i was getting myself into trouble for just voicing my thoughts. I have to say that i listened to “undertow” the other day and found myself rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter. Just terrible. I was ashamed just listening to it. But hey, we wouldn’t appreciate the awesomeness of music without the bad stuff to compare it to and you can’t always be pleased by one artist. Although Little Dragon and the voice of Yukimi Nagano is beginning to make me question that last statement. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

  20. Want a photo here?  Visit drewbie

    love the 2 tracks!!! esthero is loveee

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