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24 July 2009

Love for Just One Night Remixes

via SOEVault:
State Of Emergency vs. Esthero “Love For Just One Night” single w/remixes coming soon.

Update: Esthero adds, “i hope ‘love for just one’ night will be the first in a series of many s.o.e vs esthero releases.” I think that definitely allows for some excitement.

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5 Responses to “Love for Just One Night Remixes”

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    Pop dance sensation, Erika Jayne adds to her billboard success with debut album “Pretty Mess” Pretty Mess includes a stellar guest production from the likes of Esthero (under the name Pinklake),Named after the lake located in Gatineau Park, Quebec, Canada.

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    RE: Erika Jayne… Esthero has downplayed her role on the album – “fixed some beats, comped vox etc.” was how she put it. I’m not sure it’s worth a mention.

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    Comping – a form of piano accompaniment in which the musician improvises a syncopated harmonic backup to a soloist that relates to the soloist’s melodic improvisation. Developed during the swing era, comping was a lighter, more swinging way to drive the soloist along without playing on every beat of the measure. Nah, no biggie.

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    Another cool Unreleased Esthero remix can be found here for free called Too Rude rmx


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    She has become my favorite artist. When will this single drop? I would love to play it at the clubs in Tampa Bay

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