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3 February 2009

New album in the works

“Well, it wasn’t really my intent to make an album, but that’s what seems to be happening.”

Music to our ears. Put your headphones on and head over to the MySpace page to hear a sample of songs she’s working on. Read Esthero’s full post here.

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11 Responses to “New album in the works”

  1. Want a photo here?  Visit Ben

    Esthero, bring it on girl. I have all your albums and missed seeing you in Atlanta. Time for a new album!

  2. Want a photo here?  Visit Jeremy

    I’ve yet to see you in person but am determined to. With talent like yours and being the poet-ess that you are I know you will eventually find your way… the Jen-Bea way. What-ever, you reveal to us, I know it will be astronomically fanominal…challenging the nearly civilized world in every crevas of its being. Thank Heaven for you. To me you are my muse. Generally speaking I try to follow my philosophie that “the world is crazy, the earth is peacefull…take not from the world, but from the eaarthly purity that it sits on.” However I will always listen to Jen-B, esthero, the pink pirate, one of the soldiers for the revolution. Though she too is from the world…but I guess we all get a little crazy from time to time…and taking from you my dear is like drinking PURE greatness.
    Call yourself as you may…Jen…you still are amazing and inspire the masses.

    The Green Demon

    P.S. Take all the time in the world…you’ve already proven yourself to me and it doesn’t anylonger matter to me…who you want to be;)

  3. Want a photo here?  Visit DadE

    I may be prejudiced all the new music and lyrics are getting better all the time. Looking forward to seeing you here or there.

  4. Want a photo here?  Visit ORangeStar616

    Can’t wait..been an Orange Pink Pirate Pixie for bout 12 years now!!!!!!!

  5. Want a photo here?  Visit Vanna

    Im so excited! I love you E!

  6. Want a photo here?  Visit Nee C

    Oh Esthero!!
    When are you coming to perform in the states again???
    I’d do anything to see you perform live, it would be a dream come true.. My absolute very favorite, your voice and words bring all the world’s loveliness to my life.
    I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… please come here!! :)

  7. Want a photo here?  Visit Margo K

    You must know what joy it brings me to listen to your albums. I feel I have found a girl that really captures what I wanna say :) Its been 3 years since I got my hands on the WLG album and I still play it regularly!
    I cant wait to see you in Calgary…Ive been waiting patiently for the day to finally see you live. Muah Muah Muah!

  8. Want a photo here?  Visit Micha C

    I can’t wait until this album comes out. I’m hooked on almost all of your songs, and i can’t go on with my day without listening to them. I’m excitied beyond control for this new album.

  9. Want a photo here?  Visit Amelia Torrey

    Please visit the San Francisco area in the US! I can’t wait for the new album!

  10. Want a photo here?  Visit Well Sung Heroine – Boy With Stick

    [...] collaborated with Sean Lennon, Andre 3000, Jemini, Jelleestone and Cee Lo on Wicked Lil Girls. You can expect a new album soon from this Toronto native and there’s no better time to become familiarized with her work. [...]

  11. Want a photo here?  Visit spazzinmekon

    words can not express how excited i am for the new album, but i’m also extremely seeing that fact that she didn’t want to make another album. fearful that even with the new release of the much awaited album, we’ll no longer see esthero. i just cross my fingers that i have the pleasure of listening to all new and old songs of esthero until my days end.

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