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22 December 2008

Looking for that gold medal in “vocal stylings”

The Vancouver 2010 Olympics are over a year away, but there’s already something to look forward to. Esthero will be performing with K’NAAN at the Commodore Ballroom, March 11th, as part of the 2009 Cultural Olympiad. The show starts at 8pm.

03/11 Vancouver @ Commodore Ballroom

Tickets are available via the Vancouver 2010 website.

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9 Responses to “Looking for that gold medal in “vocal stylings””

  1. Want a photo here?  Visit Emiliano

    Come down to South Florida Esthero!!!!! Please!!!

  2. Want a photo here?  Visit Vanna

    OMFG!!! Are you fuckin serious?!!! I just saw her in October!!!! I get to see her agiannnnn?!?!?!! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

    Love you E!



  3. Want a photo here?  Visit chris

    Anyway we can convince you to make a stop in Seattle? Our Daughters birthday is on the 11th and unfortunatley the wife and I just can’t swing a trip up north. We’re also expecting our 2nd of the 27th so that might be cutting it too close.
    Plus, We love your music so much that we kind of named her middle name after you (Estero).

    Thanks for Reading

  4. Want a photo here?  Visit Lisa

    That sounds like a concert I would like to go to…but I have an exam the next day;( Too bad it wasn’t on a weekend, I’d be there 100% from Victoria.
    If it was in Victoria I’d be there in a heart beat.

  5. Want a photo here?  Visit Giovanni

    Heard the two new Jenny-Bea songs on myspace! “Black Mermaid” and “Everthing is expensive!” Esthero voice is as silky as ever! Black Mermaid is my fav though. Wow, I hope she plays them live in Vancouver, eh? In reguards to publishing, will it be ASCAP or BMI?

  6. Want a photo here?  Visit Adam

    Well, it’s not Edmonton, but I’ll take it! The only Olympic event I’ll likely see!

  7. Want a photo here?  Visit Jennie

    Thank you so much for playing Vancouver, you were great!! So much fun and you voice is wonderful live. You need to come back more often – pehaps headlining a show for your new Album – about which I, and I’m sure all your fans, are terribly excited.

  8. Want a photo here?  Visit Vanna

    Thank you for the show Esthero! I enjoyed every bit of it! Your voice is so so so beautiful live I was just drowning in it. Please come back soon and do one of your regular shows where you would be on stage for 3hrs…1hr wasnt enough *sighs* :( . Well, I had a wonderful time! Thanks agian!!!!! <3


  9. Want a photo here?  Visit Mok from Spain

    I love your songs, When Spain?

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