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4 October 2008

New album from Brandy

November 11th will see the release of a new album from Brandy, entitled “Human” – her first new studio album in four years.

As you’ll recall, Esthero and Brandy teamed up on “Believer,” (the demo of which was released through the Esthero MySpace page in December). The two have also teamed up on Brandy’s new album, with Esthero taking a writing credit for the title track.

The album’s first single “Right Here (Departed)” was recently released to radio.

Update: The album has been pushed back to December 9th. Pre-order from Amazon.

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2 Responses to “New album from Brandy”

  1. Want a photo here?  Visit Gio

    “Human” Produced and written by(Brandy Norwood, Toby Gad, Jenny-Bea Englishman, and Lindy Robbins)


  2. Want a photo here?  Visit Dhurtymack

    Esthero has her fingers in a couple of pies of late! She also did tracks on Kanye’s album.

    Oh, Many Times with Miguel Pimental is HOT! I wanna buy it but can’t find it! Oh, will Believer be on Brandy’s track

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