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11 July 2008

Atlanta – Saturday, August 9th

08/09 Atlanta @ The Loft 18+

Tickets are $19 advance, $22 the day of the show. Get them online via Ticket Alternative. Doors are at 8 pm.

Esthero will be performing alongside Black Cowboy and Yirayah as part of Musical Mutiny 2008, “an Atlanta festival aimed at allying fans and musicians under a single, unified ideology; namely the belief that there exist talented artists who care more about the integrity of their music than about adhering to the outdated policies and procedures of large record labels.”

This might be an excellent chance to see Esthero perform new material – she’s recently been recording in Vancouver with producer Chin Injeti (Canadians might remember him best as part of Bass is Base, the band responsible for “Funkmobile”).

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10 Responses to “Atlanta – Saturday, August 9th”

  1. Want a photo here?  Visit THS

    Chin invited her up on stage a couple of weeks ago: She shows up at about the 4:30 mark.

  2. Want a photo here?  Visit Giovanni

    Any Toronto shows? All i got is my new ivana santili record! Whatever u want is the best strip club song ever. esthero I need some strip club anthens.

  3. Want a photo here?  Visit Giovanni

    anthems that is.

  4. Want a photo here?  Visit Negro Noche

    Welcome to Tha A shawty! will attend the Showty Show.Look forward to new material and want to know ru doing any recording wile ur here, would love to add my signature style guitar to you’re music.Ok Buenas Chica!sincero Ricardo

  5. Want a photo here?  Visit Dustin

    does anyone have the set list for this?

  6. Want a photo here?  Visit Giovanni

    Shit me again…hey just wondering who’s “Bratticus?” jen bea’s alter ego? lol please elaborate people!

  7. Want a photo here?  Visit Giovanni

    Jamie Lidell review 4 1/2 stars on amazon! ahem…yikes.

  8. Want a photo here?  Visit Deborah

    You rocked in Atlanta! We Love you woman!!! Much Love and PLEASE COME BACK SOON!

  9. Want a photo here?  Visit Jarrod








    I was just in Atlanta this weekend and MISSED the show!!!!!! I have been wanting to see/hear her live & in person ever since I first downloaded (an later bought!!!!) “wikked lil grrrls”. Man I love her!!!! I hope to see her sometime soon!!! When will she be in either Washington DC or Atlanta again?????


  10. Want a photo here?  Visit Cut Chemist

    E does the ATL when e wants…u digg!

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